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Army Sailing Association History


The ASA was formed in 1947 for two purposes. First to co-ordinate sailing as a sport in the Army; sailing includes offshore and inshore yacht racing, dinghy and keel boat racing, windsurfing and powerboats. Secondly, to represent the interest of Army Sailing at Service and National level.

The ASA is a confederation of individual members and independent affiliated clubs. The Association sets out to represent a common voice between all Army Sailing. Underpinning all of this is the responsibility the Association has to the Army Board to act as the regulating authority of an Army activity.


The ASA has a number of objectives:

  • To encourage sailing, including racing in all disciplines amongst all ranks. It shall seek to achieve a balance between individuals and affiliated clubs and between recreational sailing, competitive sailing and sail training.

  • To assist Theatres and Commands in establishment, maintenance and supervision where appropriate of Army Sailing clubs world wide.

  • To formulate and maintain up-to-date regulations governing safety, coaching, competition rules and sailing qualifications.

  • To advise the Army Board on the best use of monies that becomes available to support Army Sailing.

  • To act as a common voice for Army Sailing in relation to the Association of Service Yacht Clubs, the other Services, the MoD and the RYA. In particular the Association co-ordinates and administers the RYA training schemes for Offshore, Dinghy, Windsurfing and Powerboating. The ASA affiliates all Army Sailing clubs to the RYA and inspects the clubs to ensure the RYA minimum standards of practice are maintained.

The ASA is managed by the Admiral and Flag Officers. All decisions must be approved by the ASA Council. An annual AGM is held for members; the AGM members are not a voting body. The ASA is accountable in two directions: it represents the interest of the membership of the Association and it is appointed by the Army Board (through the Army Sport Control Board) as the authority, advisor and co-ordinator for the MoD (Army) of all sailing matters.

The ASA is also custodian of the ASA Blue Ensigns, burgees and racing flags. All full members who own yachts, of the appropriate size, are entitled to apply for the Blue Ensign and burgee.


ASA Contact

Army Sailing Association
Mackenzie Bldg, Room G23
Fox Lines, Queens Avenue
Hants GU11 2LB

ASA Secretary: Bernie Fowler


Tel: 01252 787091 Mil 94222 7091


Tel: 01252 787093 Mil: 94222 7093


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