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The Army Sailing Association boat branding
The Army Sailing Association boat branding

Army Team 2000 Class - National Championships 2013 – Pwllheli

The Army entered a Team into the 2000 Class Association National Championships 04-9 August 2013 at Pwllheli, North Wales. There were 4 Crews representing the Army this year:

  • Maj Matt and Clare Sargent – (Royal Artillery, Thorney Island)
  • Maj Taff Owens and Rosy – (Royal Signals, Pembrokeshire)
  • Cpl Simon Horsfield and Tom Bernal – (Rifles, Germany)
  • LCpl Luke Nolson and Richard Nellyer (REME, Arborfield)

Shore support for the team was provided by Mark Langhorne the ASA Equipment Manager, he towed two of the Army boats to Pwllheli and assisted with any repairs at the end of the days racing.

Day 1 – Monday 05 Aug:

Light winds and neap tides and the forecast was looking poor for the first few days so the race officer got in 3 races back to back. This allowed the regatta to be ahead of itself as the programme was for 2 races each day, each one lasting for approximately an hour. Luke ad Richard had some gear failure which ended up with them having to come in after 1 race to repair the spinnaker pole retrieval line which had snapped on the first race, unfortunately, they couldn’t get back out to compete in the remaining two races, so they had to accept Did Not Start (DNS) scoring Fleet plus 1 for 2 races. The results after days 1 was:

Matt and Clare - (20 points)
Simon and Tom - (20 points)
Taff and Rosy - (98 points)
Luke and Richard - (110 points)

Matt and Clare   Simon and Tom   Taff and Rosy
Matt and Clare   Simon and Tom   Taff and Rosy

Day 2 – Tuesday 06 Aug:

Same conditions today, light winds, with the Race Officers setting a great course. He also had to bring out the Black Flag as the fleet were starting to push the line and there were a couple of general recalls, but the fleet still pushed the line resulting in some disqualifications, but all the Army team had a good days racing. The score after day 2 (including 1 discard) was:

Simon and Tom - (28 points)
Matt and Clare - (32 points)
Taff and Rosy - (125 points)
Luke and Richard - (137 points)

simon and TomSimon and Tom

Simon and Tom come alongside the safety boat waiting for the wind to fill in and the racing to start on day 3. Unfortunately, the wind failed to increase so the racing was cancelled, not before the Army Team decided to do some training around the safety boat with some tight circles, roll tacking and gybing and crated quite a lot of interest from the other competitors

Matt and ClareMatt and Clare Matt and Clare come and join in on the fun too, some nice roll tacking and gybing as well.

Taff and Rosy

Taff and Rosy

Taff and Rosy come to join in the fun too, just taking stock before the fun begins

Luke and Richard

Luke and Richard

Luke and Richard check their leech tension to make sure the sails are adjusted correctly and the tell tails are flying, or not in the light breeze.

Day 3 – Wednesday 07 Aug:

See the pictures above for the racing today, no wind so we all went on the water and did some rolls tacking and gybing. The Race Officer waited for the wind to fill but it became apparent that this was not going to happen so we all set back for the beach to wait for the 4th days racing on Thursday and tinker with some settings. The results remain the same over night as no racing took place. The aim was for the race committee to be out early on Thursday and have another day of 3 races back to back if the wind filled in. The forecast looked good for Thursday with stronger winds forecast.

Day 4 – Thursday 08 Aug:

The wind has settled into a light airs F2 from the North, the Race Team set the course and after some false starts the black flag came out again and the fleet got away after some General recalls. The wind was light and favoured the light wind specialists; the Army team did OK but were waiting for the winds to build, which they did slightly for the last race of the day. The conditions suited the lighter crews and the overnight results were:

Simon and Tom - (41 points)
Matt and Clare - (49 points)
Taff and Rosy - (168 points)
Luke and Richard - (203 points)

Day 5 – Friday 09 Aug:

The final day saw stronger winds with F3-4 from the North East first thing with some F5 gusts on occasions later on, the wind strength increased as the day went on which suited the Army team. Unfortunately Luke and Richard couldn’t compete on the Friday so they had to take the results they had for the first few days. Taff and Rosy, Matt and Clare, Simon and Tom liked the heavier winds, which their results demonstrated. The Race Officer laid the course and there were two races on the final day. The black flag came out yet again, but nobody was disqualified today. The results after the final days racing was:

Matt and Clare - (56 points) 6th overall
Simon and Tom - (57 points) 7th overall
Taff and Rosy - (218 points) 31st overall
Luke and Richard - (281 points) 37th overall


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