Army Kitesurfing Wants You To Enjoy Your Course

Enjoying Your Course

How to enjoy your Kitesurfing at the Army Inshore Sail Training Centre (South)

  • I have learned to kitesurf – CHECK
  • I really enjoyed it, and want to continue – CHECK
  • I don’t have my own Kitesurfing equipment – CHECK
  • I am a personal member of the Army Sailing Association – CHECK

Then it’s EASY, we have a great range of kite surifng equipment, we have great beaches located near the centre which offer all levels of kite surfing from beginner to advanced. We have the wind; all you have to do is come and USE IT!


The Army Inshore Sail Training Centre is located in Chichester Harbour and the surrounding area is ideal for Kitesurfing. Hayling island is located about 30 minutes drive from the centre and offers two great kite surfing areas, Chris Bull Kitesurfing (CBK) is a private kitesurifng club at the Westward end of Hayling island, as long as you are a BKSA member you can purchase a day permit or join the club to kite their and also receive any coaching tips you need from the centre instructors, CBK also have a safety craft on the beach during most of the weekends during the season.. Towards the Eastern end of Hayling Island there is a public kite surfing zone which has been set up by Havant Borough Council, it is free to kitesurf there, and there is relevant beach signage to mark the kite surfing areas. (Please make sure you are aware of these prior to launching).

To utilise any of the AISTC Kite surifng equipment you are required to have a check out by the BKSA Centre Principal, and have proof that you have completed a BKSA course covering level 1 and 2 parts 1 – 4.

Please be aware that you are not permitted to kite surf off any of the beaches on Thorney Island.  This is to conform to the Chichester Harbour rules.

If you require further information on this please contact Jon Metcalfe (ASA Kite Surfing Manager)

We look forwards to welcoming you at the Centre

AISTC (South) harbour area


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