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Please contact Maj MA JONES or Mr Jon Metcalfe if you wish to add Corps or Regt events to the Army Kitesurfing FOE.

Maj MA Jones -
Jon Metcalfe –

Red: Training Event (Army Kite School).

Black: Army Representative Sport Event.

Blue: Corps UK/Overseas Sports Tour.

Green:Army CR:X Team Event.











Royal Artillery Kite Tour



Maj Cunningham

RA Pers only. POC:

Royal Engineers Kite Tour

March 3 -20


Lt G Gibson

32 Engr Lead – RE Pers only POC:

Army CR:X Team Training/Trials

March 24-25

Hayling Island


Army CR:X selection and training. Open to all Army Intermediate to Advanced riders interested in competing on the National CR:X league. Event will provide initial CR:X twintip & boarder cross racing training, introduction to CR:X equipment. The ASA will select the top riders to represent the Army at CR:X events – the Army CR:X team will be publically funded and is restricted to 4 riders per event.

BKSA Instructor CPD weekend

April 7-8


AISTC / Hayling


Refresher training and professional development for Army BKSA Instructors. Open to all qualified Army BKSA Instructors.

Army CR:X Team Event

April 14-15

Hill Head

One Design Racing UK

Publically funded Army CR:X Team (4 Pax) Open to all other Army Riders, preferably having attended CR:X training, at personal expense (approx., £55 per person per entry).



April 21 - 29



HEBRIDIAN KITE is a Wave Riding & Twintip Race Exercise aimed at Intermediate to Advanced riders competent riding challenging remote locations. Must have directional and wave experience.

Royal Signals Ex Mercury Kitesurfer

May 5-12



Maj Paul Carpenter  WO2 Rob Hickley

Army CR:X Team Event

May 12-13


One Design Racing UK


BKSA Level 1 & 2 Course

May 21-25

AISTC / Hayling

Army Kite School

12 pax

Army CR:X Team Event

June 16-17

Southend on Sea

One Design Racing UK


Cyprus (lemmings insp) BKSA Level 1 ITC

June 2-10



4 – 8 pax

BKSA Level 1 / 2 Course

June 18-22

AISTC / Hayling

Army Kite School

12 pax

BKSA Level 1 ITC

June 18 - 22

AISTC / Hayling

Army Kite School

6 pax

Ex ADVANCED EAGLE II Army Overseas Sports Tour

July TBC

Brazil TBC


ADVANCED EAGLE is aimed at Army level advanced freestyle riders. Entry standard is a competency at jumping, loops and the beginnings of unhooked tricks. Attendees must be free to compete in the Combined Services freestyle competition, and be competitive enough to seed straight into the Open fleet 8 -12 Pax.


BKSA Level 1 / 2 Course

July 9-13

AISTC / Hayling

Army Kite School

12 pax

BKSA Level 1 / 2 Course

Aug 20-24

AISTC / Hayling

Army Kite School

12 Pax

Army CR:X Team Event

Sept 29-30

Hayling Island

One Design Racing UK


BKSA Level 1 / 2 Course

Sept 17-21

AISTC / Hayling

Army Kite School

12 Pax

Army Corps Championships
(Inc. Army Freestyle Team Trials)

Aug 28-Sept 3



The Army/Corps Championships will be split into two parts.

1) Aug 28th -  31: Intermediate coaching (pre-fixture training) aimed at riders who have recently co mpleted a Basic Skills course.
2) 31 Aug – 3 Sept: Army Champs: Corps Teams and Individual Freestyle competition (1 Day numbers and weather dependant)

The whole week is open to all Army riders, priority in part 1 will be given to Novice to Intermediate riders, part 2 to Corps/Regt Teams.

UK Armed Forces Festival of Kiting
(Inc. CS Freestyle Championships & CS CR:X Fianls)

Oct  1-5

Hayling Island CBK

Army lead

Open to all Army riders who have completed Basic Skills Course.

Limited to 32 pax.

Will include CS Freestyle and Combined Services CR:X final

Army CR:X Team Event

Oct 20-21

Daymar Bay

One Design Racing UK



(Corps/Regt Training)


Cyprus / Lemmings


Army affiliated Corps/Regt Clubs are welcome to arrange their own training Camps/Overseas Sports tours and publish them via the Army Events FOE and FB page.

Lemmings Sailing Club (Cyprus) is a BKSA recognised school and can offer military focused kitesurfing packages. Army BKSA Instructors are able to carry out Basic Skills training from Lemmings beach. RAF Indulgence flights are usually available (but carry significant risk!).

POC: Dave Baker (contact via FB Group)

Army Kitesurfing Contact

Jon Metcalfe

Jon Metcalfe
ASA Regional Coach
(Windsurfing & Kite-surfing)
ASA Coaching & Inspectorate
Building 100, (Top Floor),
Fort Blockhouse, Haslar Road,
PO12 2AB

Mobile: 07768 988258

Civ: 02392 765290

Mil: 9380 65290


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