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The deadline for articles for the ASA Journal 2018 is Monday 15th January 2018

The ASA is also always interested in individual achievements.  An article of approximately 800 words with photos is likely to take about 1½ - 2 pages.  Alternatively you may only have a few words to say or simply want to supply a photograph/s and caption.  All contributions will be gratefully received and considered.  Please ensure a name and contact details are attached to the submission.

As ever, high quality photographs are always sought after.  Electronic images are preferred but hard copies are acceptable but must be annotated with event and date (on a post-it note will do) and with a caption if possible.  All images must detail the source and an indication of whether copyright and / or use of personal image has been obtained, particularly if images have come from the internet or a non-private source.  Please indicate on submissions if you wish the original photograph/s to be returned.  Electronic images are preferred on a CD or memory card rather than by email due to the size.

Any articles supplied need to be sent to Lisa Winchester at the ASA office as soon as possible. Details are as follows:



Tel: 01252 787093 Mil: 94222 7093


ASA Contact

Army Sailing Association
Mackenzie Bldg, Room G23
Fox Lines, Queens Avenue
Hants GU11 2LB

ASA Secretary: Bernie Fowler


Tel: 01252 787091 Mil 94222 7091


Tel: 01252 787093 Mil: 94222 7093


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