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ASA Cruising Division 2017


Following the greater interest/participation in last year’s rallies (including an ad hoc Rally in the West Coast of Scotland) a similar format will be used this, where potential destinations will be discussed by the interested members, once the weather picture starts to become clear.   The proposed programme for this year’s ASA Offshore Cruising Rallies is below:


13 - 14 May 17.  Spring Shake Out.  A gentle start to the season with a sail in the Solent. (13 May 17  HW Portsmouth 1404 hrs BST).

10 - 11 Jun 17.  Early Summer Sail.  Let the weather decide where the fleet will go. (10 Jun 17 HW Portsmouth 0727 hrs BST).

19-23 Jun 17.  Services Offshore Regatta. Members are welcome to race in the cruising class, or even just show their support to the fleet.

25- 28 Aug 17.  Summer Cruise.  Sail across the Channel.  Details to be agreed during the week before as the weather picture becomes clear (25 Aug 17 HW Portsmouth 1453 hrs BST).

16 - 17 Sep 17.  Competitive Cruise. A non-racing sailing competition in Solent. (16 Sep 17 HW Portsmouth 0857 hrs BST).

7 - 8 Oct 17.  End of Season Sail. (HW Portsmouth 1310 hrs BST).

If you are interested in participating on any of these events or are looking for other ASA members to sail in company, please do not hesitant in contacting.  Charter, Regimental and Corps Boats are also very welcome to participate.

Maj CD Taylor

Mil: 94321  2539| Civ: 01980 67 2539 |

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