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Norway SailingAs Commodore of the JWC Sailing Club, Stavanger, Norway, may I make you aware that we have a predominantly Nuffield Trust funded Hallberg Rassey 310 (2012), Aurelius II, available for Charter. The Fjord system here is extensive, spectacular and mainly sheltered, and the short flights from London and Aberdeen are inexpensive.

The Charter Cost is 1000 NOK per day (circa GBP 100) inc gas but excluding diesel. The minimum requirement is for a Day Skipper and Competent Crew combination and Aurelius II sleeps 6.

Once payment for a British Military booking has been taken, this booking will be honoured, though up until that point priority will be given to JWC personnel. Aurelius II is available for both Adventure Training and bookings by British Military families.

To check dates, contact all 3 of us: christopher.ball@jwc.nato.int , christopher.hill@jwc.nato.int , peter.frankham@jwc.nato.int

The sheltered waters of the local fjord system are an ideal training ground for groups looking to conduct sail training. As we seek to train our own local sailors we are very keen to hear from any YMOI interested in conducting training, and certifying personnel, here in Stavanger. Clearly, in this case we would meet expenses.



Norway Sailing

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