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August Bank Holiday

Over the bank holiday weekend 10 ASA yachts assembled at Yarmouth with plans to cross to Cherbourg, unfortunately due to very light winds only 3 yachts (with plans to continue cruising in France) decided to motor across and the remainder headed to Swanage to anchor, swim, BBQ ashore and generally relax in the glorious sunshine.  

What is Next?

There are two rallies left for this season, the 16/17 Sep and 7/8 Oct, and we hope the weather may give us a swan song in the form of an Indian summer.

On the 16/17 Sep we plan to have a “competitive cruise” or perhaps a pursuit race.  Very informal of course but something to decide who buys the first round perhaps?

Early ideas for Oct include suggestions for a trip up Southampton water to a pontoon party or dinner at Marchwood SC, or if the weather was to be very kind perhaps a night at anchor in the Western Solent.

Please get in touch via email or try the ASA Cruising Division Facebook site if you are interested in attending or want to stay up to date with the latest news.

Please do feel free to forward and spread the cruising word and I look forward to seeing you all on the water.  Finally, ideas and requests for the 2018 cruising season are gratefully received.

Fair winds,



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