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Ex TRANSGLOBE  a JSASTC adventurous offshore sailing exercise is taking two Challenge 72’ yachts. One sponsored by the Army, the other a combined crew of RAF/Navy – around the world in 13 separate legs. The yachts, both with a crew of 16, are currently on route between Cape Town and Perth.

The following three links can be used to find out more information about the trip, including daily updates, and position tracking:

https://britisharmy.wordpress.com/ - This is the daily Army Blog

http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news-and-latest-activity/features/exercise-transglobe/transglobe-blog - This is the Naval blog but essentially the HMSTC Discoverer updates!

http://yb.tl/extransglobe15-16 - This provides a link to the “yellow brick” tracking device but does not work on Dii.


You may be aware that Ex TRANSGLOBE is a major Joint Services sailing expedition planned from Jul 15 to Aug 16 involving two Challenge 67 foot yachts, one of which has been allocated to the Army and the 2nd of which will be shared between the RN and RAF.  The attached DIN and ABN provides all the information on dates, qualification requirement, funding etc.  The exercise started successfully on Saturday 25 Jul with the renaming of the 2 yachts and after a rough passage across the Bay of Biscay they completed Leg 1 without incident in Lanzarote.  The yachts have now crossed the equator and are sailing down the coast of South America to Rio on Leg 2.  Manning to date has gone well and the Army have filled the first 3 legs (indeed we have put Army personnel on the RN/RAF yacht to fill gaps) but there are gaps on Leg 4; Cape Town to Perth over the period 17 Oct – 28 Nov 2015 and the Project Officer, Lt Col Frank Cannon is now on the hunt for crew to ensure we fill this leg.

The details of whatare needed are a Yachtmaster Offshore to act as mate, 2 Coastal Skippers to act as watch leaders and the one other who can be anything from a novice upwards.  There may be some scope to accept suitably experienced Day Skipper to be the watch leaders.  The current cost is £645 but there may be some options to assist with this.

This is an excellent opportunity for an individual to take part in a first class deep water sailing expedition – I am sure that it will be a life changing experience (for the better!) and units will get a better soldier back as a result.


Exercise TRANSGLOBE (TG) 15/16 will be a major Tri-Service Adventurous Sail Training Exercise which will take place from 25 July 2015 through to 21 August 2016. Its aim, as an AT expedition, will be to develop adequate rigour, robustness, initiative and leadership to deliver the resilience that military personnel require on operations. Joint Service Adventure Sail Training Centre (JSASTC) will deploy two Challenge 67ft (CH 67) Sail Training Craft (STC) from Gosport on a year long circumnavigation of the globe, to include participation in the Sydney to Hobart Offshore Yacht Race in Dec 2015.  One STC will be allocated to the Army and the other STC will be shared by the RN and RAF.  Transglobe has been endorsed as a Major AT project by each of the Services at 3* level, in the Army’s case Comd FDT.

Please download the following word documentLatest Army Briefing

Please download the following DIN2014DIN07- 079 Ex Transglobe

Please download the following word documentApplication Form


Maj Dobson

Lt Col MK Cannon (Frank) MBE RWELSH
Army Ex TG Project Officer

Mil: 94393 6983
Civ: 01264 886983


Project Team Leader

Mike Barham
JSASTC Pgramming and Project Officer
Haslar Road
Hampshire PO12 2AQ

Mil: 9380 65416 Civ: 023927 65416
Fax: 9380 65211 Civ: 023927 65211
E-mail: jsastc_projectofficer@a.dii.mod.uk


The lead Service will be the RN.  JSASTC will be responsible for the overall planning and management of the expedition.  The Joint Service AT Application (JSATFA) will be sponsored by the RN and approved by CO HMS Temeraire.  The RN will be responsible for obtaining all necessary Diplomatic Clearance and OiC JSASTC will provide any crew training required supporting the exercise, all sailing instructions, navigational and overall yacht safety – The Joint Service DIN containing full details and inviting applications will be issued shortly.  The JSASTC Project Officer will be responsible for the day to day running and overall co-ordination of the exercise.  The sS will be wholly responsible for identifying, preparing and providing crews for the yachts throughout the event and also underwriting the full cost of ‘their’ participation during the build up planning and delivery phase.

Crew Selection

This ex is open to all serving RN (including RM), Army, RAF, Reserve Forces and UOTC personnel.  Novice sailors are encouraged to apply alongside those personnel of all sailing competencies and RYA qualifications.  Each Service is entirely responsible for supplying the crews to fully man the 13 legs of Ex TG.  The proposal is that each Arm or Service becomes responsible for at least one leg of the Ex (with a lead unit for coordination and administration being nominated by the Arm or Service) with a number of the more prestigious / arduous legs being open to all.  Although the ex does not deploy for 19 months, this time will pass quickly particularly as we strive to qualify skippers and fill boats with the correctly qualified crews.  

Skipper Training

In order to generate the number of Service Skippers required, JSASTC will provide a ‘bespoke’ training programme.  The target for the Army is to skipper a minimum of 7 of the 13 Legs using Army serving skippers.  Lt Col Tim Hill and Phil Brown (ASA CI) (who have kindly agreed to help) will look to target 10-12 Army potential and qualified skippers determine their intentions and requirements to participate as skippers on TG.  We will then look to put in place a programme with JSASTC to get them qualified where needed.


Funding for Ex TG has already been secured from Public AT Funds ATG(A), the Army Sports Lottery, the Joint Service Expedition Trust Fund, the ASA (for Sydney to Hobart Race) and CILOR.  This has already significantly reduced personal contributions.  These personal cost could be reduced still further by individuals applying for grants from Unit, Regt, Corp and other AT funds.


AT is an essential part of military training.  The opportunity to participate in an event that takes 2 yachts around the world is, without doubt, one of the most challenging AT opportunities available to Servicemen and women.  The scale and magnitude of this ex will be beyond most people’s imagination and to be a part of it, will not only improve performance on the battlefield; it will be a life changing experience.












25 Jul–15 Aug

3 weeks


Via Camaret-La Coruna-Madeira



Lanzarote-Rio de Janeiro

15 Aug–19 Sep

5 weeks


Inside Cape Verdes to min hurricane risk



Rio de Janeiro-Cape Town

19 Sep–17 Oct

4 weeks





Cape Town-Perth

17 Oct–28 Nov

6 weeks


Southern Ocean Leg



1 week Maint Freemantle

28 Nov–06 Dec

1 week


Base staff/Skippers only




6 Dec–3 Jan


4 weeks


Same crew Legs 5/5a
Race starts 26 Dec



Sydney-Hobart Race

26 Dec–3 Jan




3 Jan–23 Jan 2016

3 weeks


Cruising New Zealand South Island



Wellington to Auckland

23 Jan – 13 Feb

3 weeks


Cruising New Zealand N and S Island with NZ Navy



2 weeks Maintenance in New Zealand

13 Feb – 27 Feb

2 weeks


Base staff and Skippers only



Auckland to Montevideo

27 Feb  - 17 April

7 weeks


Southern Ocean and Cape Horn Leg



Montevideo to Grenada

17 April – 22 May

5 weeks


Via Salvador and Amazonia



Grenada to Miami

22 May -  12 June

3 weeks


Via Antigua, BVI’s and Florida Keys



Miami to New York

12 June -  3 July

3 weeks


Via Annapolis US Naval College, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal



New York to Halifax Nova Scotia

3 July – 24 July

3 weeks


Via Long Island , Newport, Cape Cod Canal and Boston



Halifax to Gosport

24 July – 21 Aug

4 weeks


Via St John’s Newfoundland





56 weeks

*Cost after grants


Army sponsors