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Forces OPen Champion 2011 - Dan Skudder (RLC)
Forces Open Champion 2011 - Dan Skudder (RLC)


Forces Open Windsurfing Championships 10 - 13 May 2011

This year’s Forces Open windsurfing championships were run over 4 days at Inn on the Beach at Hayling Island, sailors from the Army, Royal

Navy and Royal Air Force competed in course racing, slalom, master blaster and long distance disciplines over the duration of the week.

There was a good turn out this year with a total of 25 sailors’s competing from all 3 services; this included a novice and intermediate fleet. The forecast for the week was pretty good with dry and sunny weather with winds from the South and South West, the main bulk of racing was completed within the first three days.

Tuesday (4 x master blaster and 1 x long distance completed)

Dan Skudder (RLC) won 3 out of the 4 master blaster races showing excellent board speed and Ian Beaton (RA) took one race win also. The long distance race was completed in the afternoon in good Force 4 winds so the majority of sailors opted for their slalom boards; the race was won by Dan Skudder again, Steve Jones (RE) was second and Gareth Baker (RE) in third.

Wednesday (3 x figure of 8 slaloms completed)

The wind was again moderate and coming from the South West which enabled us to run some across the wind slalom based around a figure of 8 course. That man Dan Skudder took the first race win with Simon Kent (RAF) in second and Steve Jones third. Gareth Baker took the second race win with Gerry Northwood (RN) in second place and Dan Skudder in third. Dan got back on the case in race three with a clean win, Simon Kent was second and Andy Flack (RAF) in third.

Thursday (4 x course races, 4 x downwind slalom and 4 x novices races completed)

Best day of the week really, we had wind all day averaging from force 4 to force 5 at times, we ran some novice racing around varying courses in the morning to combine all the techniques that they had learnt all week. The Army cleaned up with a strong field of sailors form the REME taking most race wins and the overall novice title. On the course racing front 4 races were completed giving one discard, the course was a windward leeward set course with a long beat and then a series of downwind reaches back to the leeward mark, the open fleet completed 2 laps and the intermediate sailors one lap.

Dan Skudder took two race wins and one second place, with his disguard added this gave him the overall win. Simon Kent had two second places and one first again with the disguard this gave him second place overall and Gareth Baker took third place overall with three third places. The wind was sufficient to run some downwind slalom in the afternoon so four races were completed, Steve Jones took three race wins showing great gybing technique around the marks. A big thanks to Clive Grant who was acting race officer and the RAF safety boat crew and all the guys who helped me with coaching during the week.

Results in Brief

1 Dan Skudder RLC
2 Steve Jones RE
3 Gareth Baker RE

Course Racing
1 Dan Skudder RLC
2 Simon Kent RAF
3 Gareth Baker RE

Master Blaster
1 Dan Skudder RLC
2 Steve Jones RE
3 Gareth Baker RE

Long Distance
1 Dan Skudder RLC
2 Steve Jones RE
3 Gareth Baker

For a full breakdown of the results please see below

Next event inter Corp on the 9th June @ Hayling Island
Army Championships 18 – 22 July @ Hayling Island

Article written by Jon Metcalfe – ASA Windsurfing Training Manager

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Race 1

Race 2

Race 3



Steve Jones RE 40 140 3 6 4 13 3
Alan Cross RLC   68 DNF (21) 5 7 33 7
Mark Collins RE   329 15 11 16 42 11
Dan Skudder RLC 27   1 3 1 5 1
Dave Curry RE 6   13 DNS(21) 8 42 12
Chris Brocks REME 1   11 13 11 35 9
Watson RLC   10 19 16 13 48 13
Bailes RLC 4   17 DNF(21) DNS(21) 59 15
Ellis REME 30   18 17 17 52 14
Andy Gladden RE 2   14 15 5 34 8
Paul Wright REME 11   10 7 14 31 6
Spaul REME 45   12 14 15 41 10
Beaton RA 564   8 8 12 28 5
Gareth Baker RE 69   4 1 4 9 2
Paul Finn REME 34   9 9 6 24 4



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