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RENESSE HOLLAND 28th July - 1st August 2014

1. Introduction.   The ASA North West Europe Open Windsurfing Championships will be held at Renesse, Holland on 28th July –  1st  Aug 14. Entry is open to Tri-service regular personnel, members of the reserves. Ex Military, MOD civil servants and their dependants can compete, but with no authority from the Sports board. Civil servants must submit a leave pass. These competitors must show they have their own insurance.  
This is the 24th year that this event has taken place and it promises to be bigger and better.

2. Invited Sponsors & Media Coverage.     This is the 14th year ASA Germany will be responsible for organising this premier event. To this end sponsors have been invited to view the racing. The main sponsor is hoped to be NAAFI. Sixth Sense and BFBS Television have been invited to provide media coverage.

3. Attendance. All available British Forces Windsurfers from the UK and Germany are encouraged to attend. Competitors for the main competition should be capable of racing a formula/short board on open sea. Novices are invited to attend and enter the new novice event to be run on the Grevlingenmeer. Commanding Officers are requested to release those personnel wishing to attend this premier event.

4. The ASCB both UK and Germany are respectively requested to provide:

a. The ASCB are requested to provide Sports Tour Status and authority to travel for all UK based competitors.

b. BAG Sports Board are requested to provide authority for travel outside of BFG to Holland.

c. ASCB are requested to seek BFBS Television (Scene Here) coverage for this  event as the premier ASA Windsurfing competition of the year.


As in previous years, the BFDSTC will organize and provide officials to run the event and provide the training RIB’s as Safety and committee boat cover. The Safety boats must be in a first class seaworthy condition. Both Centres are to supply a tow vehicle and driver. If centre vehicles can not be used then the centre managers are requested to arrange transport from their GTO’s. The tow vehicles will also be used to transport competitors and equipment. The BFDSTC will try to assist any soldiers (First Time Short boarders) who are unfortunate not to have their own equipment and wish to race at this event. All equipment will be checked for damage and serviceability and signed for using AF G1033. The Windsurfing manager Mr Jon Metcalfe is requested to bring novice equipment and the ASA race buoys. Corps sending novices are encouraged to support them with Corps equipment.

6. Timings are as follows:

a. Mon 28th July. 1100 hrs Race Registration Opens Bouwersdam Car Park. No race before 1300

b. Mon 28th – Thurs 31st July 4-day race programme. Long distance, Master Blaster, Slalom, Giant Slalom, Course Racing and Freestyle. Novice training and race.

c. Thur 31st July.  2000hrs. Sponsors Prize Giving Function location TBC.

d. Fri 1st Aug. Return to unit.

7. Entry Fees. The individual entry fee is £25.00 per competitor. This is an individual/Unit PRI/Corps responsibility. Cheques should be made payable to CBA PRB G.

8. Messing and Accommodation. No military accommodation or messing is available. Tented/caravan accommodation can be found at one of the many campsites in the area. Campsite fees are an individual responsibility and are expected to be about €15 per person per day. Car parking at the Grevelingen Meer Surf Centre is €4 per vehicle per day.  When sailing on the sea, parking on the dyke is free. Overnighting on the dyke (wild camping) is not allowed and incurs heavy fines.  All competitors should apply for assistance from their Corps/ Regimental PRI’s to offset the cost. 1771 DRSA/NRSA is inadmissible.

9. Insurance.  All competitors are considered “On Duty Status” except for UKBC’s and dependants. All are to have at least third party liability protection for accidents, injury and death for what the MOD considers as “Off Duty Status” ie; activities outside the scope of the competitions remit. The MOD does not accept liability in respect of “Off Duty” activities of its service personnel. Army Windsurfers are encouraged to become members of the RYA (the cheapest windsurfing policy is free with membership). If you already have third party insurance check that it covers you for accidents caused when windsurfing in Europe. All competitors must be in possession of E111 and are strongly advised to take out private travel insurance. This is an individual responsibility.

10. Lottery Funding.    Army Sports Lottery grants are available to military personnel, and can be applied for this event. Individual participants and those under Corps management are to submit their applications for assistance on behalf of all their Corps competitors to the Army Sports Lottery in accordance with DIN 2013 DIN 10-003. Only one lottery cash award per year per person is allowed. All Army competitors must be members of the Army Sports Lottery.   

11. Transport.  Applications for transport are to be submitted on FMT1000 to GTO’s. Special instructions data should refer to the amount of equipment lift required and any request for fitted roof bars and tow hooks. If a suitable Garrison vehicle cannot be provided authority to hire should be sought. For UK based competitors ferry tickets can be purchased from ASCB Aldershot. Contact Mr Paul Budd Tel 94222 7060 for details.

12. Medical. General practitioner Renesse. Open  Monday – Friday 0800 to 1800. Jan Van Renesseweg 6. 4325 GN Renesse. Tel +31 (0) 111 - 46 12 80

Medical Centre Zierikzee. Open 1800 to 0800 on demand. Koning Gustaafweg 2. 4301 NP Zierikee. Tel +31 (0) 900 – 1585

Hospital. S-Gravenpolderseweg 114 4462 RA Goes. Tel +31 (0) 113-234000

13. Further Information.   Any further information is available from the undersigned.

S Myers

WO2 S Myers
Manager BFDSTC

Entry Form


Authority to Travel at Public Expense

Camp Site Plan 



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