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How to enjoy your windsurfing at the Army Inshore Sail Training Centre (South)

Then its EASY, we have a great range of windsurfing equipment, we have the water, we have the wind, all you have to do is come and USE IT!

AISTC south club

The Army Inshore Sail Training Centre is located in Chichester Harbour and is ideallic for windsurfing. There are local sandy beaches (East Head) and great areas of flat water  to blast around in, alternatively we are near Hayling Island which is one of the best windsurfing locations along the South Coast,  so why not come and use the excellent facilities at the AISTC (S)

We are open during the week and at various weekends during the season.

You should phone or email before coming, we can give you an update on the local tide and wind conditions, and we can arrange wetsuits and buoyancy aids if you need them.

Please contact the following if you want to come down and use the equipment and enjoy the great facilities.

You will need to be qualified to a minimum of RYA Intermediate (non planning) and you should be familiar with the harbour (or we can give you a briefing). (if you are untrained look here on the ASA website and book a course – AISTC

We look forwards to welcoming you at the Centre

AISTC harbour

Army Windsurfing Contact

Jon Metcalfe

Jon Metcalfe
ASA Regional Coach
(Windsurfing & Kite-surfing)
ASA Coaching & Inspectorate
Building 100, (Top Floor),
Fort Blockhouse, Haslar Road,
PO12 2AB

Mobile: 0044 (0) 7768 988258

Civ: 02392 765290

Mil: 9380 65290


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