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1. The Inter Corps and Forces Open Windsurfing Championships will be held at Hayling Island Board Sailing Area (HIBSA) over the period 20-24 May 13. In preparation for these championships a Royal Engineers training camp will take place the week before over the period 13-17 May 13 and which will also take place at HIBSA.


2. The main aim of this exercise is to introduce and prepare newcomers of all abilities to windsurfing and competitive racing.

Outline plan

3. General outline. The training camp and championships will be conducted over six phases:

  • a. Phase 1. Sun 12 May 13, move to Gibraltar Barracks.
  • b. Phase 2. Mon 13 May 13, conduct an initial introduction to windsurfing equipment and basic techniques at Hawley Lake Sail Training Centre (HLSTC).
  • c. Phase 3. Mon 13 May 13, move to the Army Inshore Sail Training Centre (AISTC) at Thorney Island.
  • d. Phase 4. Tue 14 - Fri 17 May 13, continue daily training at HIBSA.
  • e. Phase 5. Mon 20 - Fri 24 May 13, compete in the Inter Corps and Forces Open Windsurfing Championships.
  • f. Phase 6. Fri 24 May 13 finish racing, attend prize giving then hand back equipment and return to parent units.

4. Groupings and tasks. Detailed tasking for the organisation of the exercise is as follows:

  • a. WO2 (QMSI) Curry RE. Is the main POC for all participating personnel and will arrange all administrative requirements.
  • b. Mr Jon Metcalfe (C1). Is the Head Army Windsurfing Coach and training manager and is requested to attend over the period 14-17 May to provide support and oversee all safety aspects. An Army Sailing Association (ASA) Safety Boat and an additional 6 x pack of beginner windsurfing equipment will be required for the full duration 13-24 May 13.
  • c. Spr Faull. Is a qualified Start Windsurfing Instructor and an integral Corps team member and is requested to attend over the full duration 13-24 May 13.
  • d. SSgt Rockett. Is requested to provide safety boat cover for the period 13-17 May 13.
  • e. Attendees. A full list of personnel attending can be found at Annex A.
  • f. Other Corps. All Corps are welcome to attend this training camp, however prior approval is required through WO2 Curry by COP Wed 8 May 13 to ensure that there will be sufficient accommodation, equipment and appropriate safety cover available.

Co-ordinating instructions

5. Main Events List (MEL). A detailed MEL can be found at Annex B.

6. Locations. The training and championships will take place at the following locations:

  • a. HLSTC. Gibraltar Baracks, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9LP.
  • b. AISTC. Baker Barracks, Thorney Island, Emsworth Hampshire PO10 8DH.
  • c. HIBSA. Hayling Island, Hampshire PO11 0AS.

7. Safety. Safety is of the utmost importance for the duration of the training camp and championships. All individuals are responsible for their own and team member’s safety. A safety risk assessment will be produced and a full safety brief will be conducted including the wearing of buoyancy aids. A safety boat will also be in position prior to any activities taking place on the water.

8. Medical procedures. The following medical procedures are to be carried out in the event of an emergency:

  • a. Immediate Action (IA).
    • (1) All activities are to stop immediately.
    • (2) Raise alarm and call emergency services on 999.
    • (3) Carry out immediate first aid.
    • (4) All personnel are to assist where possible or wait for further instructions.
    • (5) Casualty is to be evacuated as necessary.
  • b. Minor injuries. In the event of a minor injury, the casualty is to be taken to the following medical centres:
    • (1) Gibraltar Barracks Medical Centre, Minley.
    • (2) Baker Barracks Medical Centre, Thorney Island.
  • c. Major injuries. The following actions are to be taken:
    • (1) Remove the Casualty from danger and raise the alarm by calling 999.
    • (2) Administer first aid.
    • (3) Meet Emergency Services at the RV and escort to incident.
    • (4) Casualty evacuation to Queen Alexandra A&E Hospital, Southwick Hill Road, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 3LY. Telephone 023 9228 6000.
  • d. Reporting sick. Individuals can report sick through WO2 Curry on a daily basis if required.

Service Support

9. Dress and equipment. A list of dress and equipment required can be found at Annex C.

10. Transport. Individual units are requested to provide appropriate transport for individuals to attend the training camp. Authority to travel for the Championships has been granted in accordance with 2010DIN10-034 travel at public expense for representative sport and units are to use Budget UIN: A4029A and record the Purpose of Travel Code (POT 16). Where appropriate fuel agency cards or unit facilities must be used to refuel vehicles.

  • a. 28 Engr Regt. Is requested to provide the following transport:
    • (1) 1 x Minibus for transporting personnel.
    • (2) 1 x Long wheel base high top roofed van (Mercedes Sprinter equivalent) for transporting equipment and stores.
  • b. 3 RSME Regt. Is requested to provide the following transport for the exercise and championships: (Transport requests and requirements have been submitted to HOLDFAST service support desk).
    • (1) 1 x Pantec 7.5t boxed chassis with tail gate for transporting safety boat and equipment.
    • (2) 1 x Long wheel base high top roofed van (Mercedes Sprinter equivalent) for transporting equipment.
    • (3) 1 x Estate car to transport 5 x personnel between locations.
    • (4) 1 x Medium Inflatable Boat with a 40hp Out Board Motor (OBM) and accessories.

11. Windsurfing equipment. All the appropriate windsurfing equipment will be provided for all novices from the Corps sports store and any additional equipment will be provided by AISTC.

13. Accommodation. Transit accommodation will be available at Gibraltar Barracks on Sun 12 May 13 for individuals arriving from Germany. Accommodation for the remainder of the training camp and championships 14-24 May 13 will be available at Thorney Island. (Individuals will need sleeping bags and camp cots).

14. Feeding. During the training camp 13 -17 May 13, PAYD facilities are available for breakfast and evening meals. Packed lunches will be requested on a daily basis. During the championships (20-24 May 13) which will be an arduous week and due to the location for the racing at HIBSA it is requested that individuals listed at Annex A are each provided with 5 x 24 hour operational ration packs from their parent units to ensure adequate sustenance during the long days of racing.

15. Documentation. All personnel who are attending the training camp and racing are required to be placed on Regimental Part 1 Orders by their parent unit and all individuals are instructed to ensure that their Emergency Contact (EC) is up to date on JPA. Individuals driving vehicles are to ensure that their UK driving licence and FMT 600 is up to date and they have conducted the appropriate familiarisation on the vehicles which they will drive.

16. Welfare. All welfare facilities, toilets, showers, smoking areas and refreshments are available at all locations. Individuals are reminded to bring sufficient funds for the full duration.

17. Funding and JPA. There is an individual daily usage fee for using 3 RSME Regt windsurfing equipment of £2 pp per day, £3 pp per day for using facilities at HLSTC and £3 pp per day at AISTC which also includes accommodation. It is therefore requested that individual COPF(E) and Regt PRI assist fund their soldiers with £65.00 pp to cover these costs for the full duration of the training camp and championships. The designated driver of each vehicle will also be responsible for paying the daily parking fees of £6.00 per vehicle per day which can be claimed back via JPA after the championships. Failure to pay parking fees will result in larger parking fines being issued which can not be recovered.

18. Royal Engineers Yacht Club. All individuals are strongly encouraged to join the REYC and become members of Sapper Sailing. Further details of this will be briefed during the training camp.

Command and control

19. Main POC. WO2 Curry is the OIC and main POC for all personnel attending with responsibility for all welfare and discipline issues. The following contact numbers can be used:

  • a. Civillian network: 01252 863445
  • b. Military network: 94261 3445
  • c. Mobile: 07830750805

20. Discipline. Individuals are reminded that the appropriate standards, behaviour and attitude are to be maintained at all times and any failure to comply with any instructions given will be dealt with robustly.


17. The Royal Engineers windsurfing team has been very successful over the past few seasons and for this to continue the Corps needs to regularly introduce new members to ensure future successes. Therefore a Corps windsurfing training camp has been planed over the period 13-17 May 13 in preparation to entering a team into the Inter Corps and Forces Open Championships over the period 20-24 May 13.

D Curry
Corps Windsurfing Secretary

please download the following PDF documentDownload complete instructions along with all the annexes

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