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The first big windsurfing event of the 2013 season kicked off with the Forces Open Championships which were held at Hayling Island week of the 20 – 24 May. A total of 45 competitors attended the week which I think is the best turn out we have had in a few years, 90% of the competitors came from the Army which was very encouraging to see as we have been working on developing the novice and free race fleets over the last year or two – this is definitely paying dividends now, as our novice fleet made up more than half of the overall competitors.

In preparation for the event we have run two Corps training camps which develop the free race fleets and prepare them for the competition formats.

The fleets were split into 3 categories Free Race (FR) 1,2,3 which cover novices through to top flight, the FR 2 fleet have now started using formula equipment when racing in light winds, the courses are still aimed at across the wind racing but Corps are now focusing there FR2 sailors in getting more confident with using bigger rigs and formula boards, this is to maximise planning time in the 12 – 15 knots bracket. During the week FR2 were coached on tuning their race kit and how to develop skills and technique on the water, by the end of the week all the top end FR2 sailors were planning around on 9m sails and formula boards, the long term goal is to start to back fill the ever dwindling FR3 course racing fleet so we can continue to dominate at Service competitions.

Summer defiantly hadn’t arrived yet as we had NW winds for most of the week with intermittent showers and temperatures of around 11 degrees, would you believe!! The weather improved during the week but Monday and Tuesday were light winds so the course racing discipline was completed with 4 windward leeward courses finished. Maj Steve Jones took first place with 2 firsts, 1 second and 1 third, Wg Cdr Simon Kent RAF second place and WO2 Ian Beaton third. The FR1 and FR2 fleets worked on skills and training and also completed a number of across wind races.

Wednesday was a wash out due to variable winds but at least the sun was shinning, the forecast for Thursday and Friday was much better with moderate to fresh NW winds so time to get the slalom boards out. This direction was perfect for the long distance race which took place on Thursday morning and started from Inn on the Beach with a course set out to one of the forts in the Solent, this took a total of 20 minutes in duration, the Army took the top 3 places with Lt Col Gareth Baker, RE (1) Maj Steve Jones RE (2) SSgt Rob Hickley RS (3). The rest of the day consisted of some master blaster races again Lt Col Gareth Baker took the honours with the RAF picking up second and third with Simon Kent and Pete Daulby. The FR2 fleet were hard at it also with Gnr Graham Halliday RA starting to dominate all racing with a fine display of sailing, hot on his heels was LCpl George Main RE, these two sailors are definitely stars of the future.
A total of 11 slalom races were completed on Thursday so some tired sailors by the end of the day.
In FR1 due to a combination of coaching and racing during the week the 24 sailors were all sailing really well, and achieved a massive leap forward with their windsurfing skills SSgt Andy Cole RE and Gnr Ryan Kaye stand out sailors.

Short day on Friday and another windy day so 5 figure of 8 slalom races completed in the morning, racing finished at 1200 with prizes presented by the ASA Sec Retd Lt Col Alan Flavell.

A great week all round and very encouraging to see the amount of competitors in attendance and also four out of five days of racing.

Results in Brief

    Long Distance Novice   Novice
1 Guest - Laura Jurgens 1 Andy Cole
RE   1 Ben Smith
1 Lady - Zoe Gent RE   2 Ryan Kaye RA   2 Zoe Gent RE
        3 Jacob Mather AAC   3 Andy Cole RE
Freerace Slalom   Long Distance   Master Blaster
1 Graham Halliday RA   1 Gareth Baker RE   1 Gareth Baker RE
2 George Main RE   2 Steve Jones RE   2 Simon Kent RAF
3 Will Fichen REME   3 Rob Hickley RSIGS   3 Pete Daulby RAF
Open Slalom   Open Course     Freerace Overall  
1 Simon Kent RAF   1 Steve Jones RE   1 Graham Halliday RA
2 Gareth Baker RE   2 Simon Kent RAF   2 George Main RE
3 Rob Hickley RSIGS   3 Iain Beaton RA   3 Will Fichen REME
  Overall Force Open                
1 Simon Kent RAF                
2 Steve Jones RE                
3 Rob Hickley RSIGS                

Inter Corps Series



Series Points

RE (A)






RA (A)






RE (B)






RA (B)






RE (C)






RA (C)



RA (D)



Article written by Jon Metcalfe ASA Windsurfing Training Manager.

Mob 07768 988258

Photos to follow shortly but can be seen on Facebook

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