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A. 20150126-Travel at Public Expense ASA Windsurfing 2015 – Dated 19 Feb 15

1. General. The ASA will be holding a Windsurfing training camp over the period 18 – 22 May 2015 in Weymouth. The week is open to intermediate Corps sailors and above. The week will be structured to provide development and training to all participants, especially in slalom and Formula sailing. The ASA WSTM Jon Metcalfe will be providing a structured program for the week which will be supported by Army windsurfing instructors from across the Corps.

2. Location. Weymouth is an ideal location to teach personnel to windsurf and improve on the skill levels of those who already have an understanding of the sport. The harbour location provides flat water and a safe environment to teach within. The training camp will be run from the Official Test Centre (OTC) on Portland. This is one of the top windsurfing centres in the UK. The group will have access to 2015 demo equipment and use of the centre facilities. The OTC shares the site with the Weymouth Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) the price below is for use of the WPNSA site. £27.30 per person is for the week and includes use of the showers/changing rooms and café. Parking is included in this cost as well; this works out at £5.46 / day per person. This is to be paid on the Monday morning on arrival at the OTC.

3. Travel. Procedure for claims. See enclosure 1.

4. Accommodation. All personnel attending the training camp will be accommodated at the Royal Engineers Training Camp, Chickerell Road, Weymouth, Dorset DT3 4DF. Camping in vans at the WPNSA/ OTC, will not be tolerated. There are 20 bed spaces allocated for the ASA Windsurfing Training camp. The accommodation is basic; personnel are advised to bring sleeping bags or bedding, including pillows to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

5. Feeding. Chickerell Camp has a central feeding facility under DRM, personnel attending the training camp will be added to the nominal roll for breakfast and evening meal with packed lunches being provided and available for collection from the main kitchen at breakfast. Crockery and cutlery are provided under the contract, however it would be advisable to bring a large flask to fill at breakfast, along with a water bottle.

6. Equipment. Corps are encouraged to support there own sailors with suitable equipment, there will be some demo equipment also available for use. Personnel with personal equipment are encouraged to bring it also to improve their experience and development during the training week. Personnel are to provide their own wetsuit and suitable footwear for the duration of the week, it is also recommended that individuals bring suitable warm clothing.

7. Safety boat. The OTC will provide a safety boat for the duration of the training camp. If there are personnel who wish to assist on the safety boat, Power Boat Level 2 qualification is required. (please bring copies)

8. Attendance. Those personnel wishing to participate in the training camp are to complete the attached form and submit it to the undersigned by email or fax by 08.05.15

9. Parking. There is secure parking on Chickerell Camp. During the day parking will be allocated behind the OTC. As there will be a charge for parking individuals are encouraged to vehicle share on a daily basis to reduce costs.

10. Walking out. There are no restrictions on leaving the training camp. Personnel are advised this will be a strenuous week and excessive consumption of alcohol will only hamper their abilities the next day. It may also result in individuals being RTU’s if they are considered unfit to participate in the days activities.

11. Insurance. As this is a military training week, personnel attending are to ensure their names are placed on regimental part one orders as being on duty to be covered by MOD insurance.

12. Contact. The following personnel can be contacted regarding the training camp:

POC: Jon Metcalfe - 07768988258

13 Summary. This camp is an ideal opportunity to develop individual skills in preparation for the Forces Open Champs in June 2015

Jon Metcalfe

ASA Windsurfing Training Manager

Please follow the linkAttendance Proforma (word) | Attendance Proforma (pdf)

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